We believe in sharing our industry knowledge. That’s why we designed Henderson University, a training program covering topics across the entire spectrum of architectural and engineering disciplines. Henderson University provides opportunities for our clients to earn continuing education for certification requirements and stay up to date on industry changes. Browse the catalog below, and discover how we can help expand your team’s knowledge.


  • Architecture for AV

    Understand the basics of room sizing and video display options for meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, classrooms, lecture auditoria, and videoconferencing rooms.

  • Super-Efficient Office Guide: New & Existing

    This presentation explores strategies used to design offices that demonstrate drastic reductions in energy use.

  • Water Reclamation for Grocery Stores

    Henderson led a team of engineering students and faculty members from the University of Kansas in a water reclamation feasibility study for the nation's second-largest grocery store retailer.

  • Sustainable Grocery – “Fine Tuning Food Markets”

    Sustainable design and verification techniques help grocery stores fine-tune their food markets, therefore reducing operating and maintenance costs while increasing return on capital investments.

  • Positive Displacement Ventilation: Golden 1 Center

    Come and learn how this innovative air delivery system is helping turn traditional air conditioning on its head – to the benefits of fan experience and the bottom line!

  • Trends in High Performance Sports Design

    An overview of sports architecture trends that are leading to increases in performance - particularly in the areas of energy and water.

  • Arena LED Sports Lighting

    A research effort by Henderson, this engaging and thought-provoking presentation will lead the participant through the process and the findings, and make recommendations on design approach.

  • USP 797/800 [Pharmacy Design]

    A review of the USP 797 and 800 codes for pharmacy drug compounding areas, which includes the enforcement of the codes and design/construction ramifications to these spaces.

  • Medical Gas – What Should Architects Know?

    Discussion of a variety of items that every architect should know will lead to medical gas systems being installed in a safe manner that promotes patient well-being.

  • FGI: Sound Vibration Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities

    Review all six of the main FGI acoustical areas of concern, and review examples and design techniques to achieve criteria.

  • Plumbing 101

    Understand how plumbing systems work as they relate to the built environment.  Water, Sanitary Waste and Vent, Storm Piping Systems, and Natural Gas will be covered

  • Refrigeration Design 101

    An overview of grocery store refrigeration technology and equipment for architectural design.

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