Russ Murdock


Convention Center Practice Director | Principal
As a kid, Russ wanted to be an architect until he realized how much he loved clearly-defined boundaries. Thus, an engineer and eventual principal was born. After an internship at Henderson Engineers, Russ joined the team as an electrical designer and established a reputation by engineering healthcare and sports facilities. An avid learner and mentor for his colleagues, Russ was always drawn to teaching others. So he decided to go back to school, but this time he taught the class serving as a professor in Kansas State University’s College of Engineering. Russ stayed connected to his Henderson colleagues through the years though and eventually they convinced him to come back.

Since returning, Russ was named Henderson’s convention center practice director. His understanding of high-occupancy facilities, including their enormous central plants and intricate emergency systems, make him perfect for his role. Russ has also stayed connected to his background in healthcare design, assisting on projects for some of our largest healthcare clients. Throughout his life, Russ has been inspired by his parents who were both passionate public servants. Their legacy of service is what inspires Russ’s work ethic and his drive to make every facility he touches high-quality and high-impact. Lead on professor – we’re glad you’re back.


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